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Vantage Window/Glass Frails

New to the Vantage racking range, aluminium window frails external and internal. There are 4 types of external frails:

Type 1: Frame Rack

A basic frame carrying rack, this system comes without any poling or strapping systems. It is ideal for the safe carriage of window frames or garage doors.

Type 2: Strapping System

Again, our basic frame carrying rack but with the addition of integral load restraints and fastening straps. It is designed for the safe carriage of window frames and garage doors, but with the strapping system built in for extra safety and speed of loading.

Working in conjunction with our load restraints, ratchet straps provide a speedy and safe method of securing your load.

Type 3: Glass Rack

This is our standard glass carrying rack with spring loaded poling system. Perfect for the safe carriage of glass. The rack of choice for the majority of our customers.

Type 4: Combi Rack

A combination of the two types of rack; this system has both the spring loaded poling system and also the strapping system. It is ideal for the safe carriage of glazing products, garage doors and almost anything else you might need to carry.

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