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Racking Selection Guide

Weight restrictions

Each Shelf can hold 40kg evenly distributed

Each drawer can hold 20kg evenly distributed

Good quality robust racking without compromising your payload


Racking Selection Guide

Before selecting any racking please measure the available space in your van to ensure the length and height will fit taking into account the slope of the vehicle manufacturer’s bulkhead.

Please be aware the van kits are as a recommendation and in the majority of cases will fit but the manufacturer does change the bulkhead construction so it is always best to check first


Please remember your wheel arch boxes may need to be removed prior to installation. For fitting instructions please see our fitting guide that is available on www.vantagesystems.co.uk


Once you have selected your racking make the best of it and order some accessories.


Rubber matting

This can be fitted to your shelves and will protect the base of your shelves and reduce movement of components and will help reduce any chance of damage.

Shelf dividers

These are available for high and low front shelves and are available for shelves that are 330mm and 430mm deep shelves and come in a set of 3 so there are enough for one shelf. These dividers will help stop movement of your stock and will make your racking even more organized.

Plastic Bins

The bins are come in four different sizes 120mm or 240mm  widths and both widths are available in a depth to fit the 330mm or 430mm shelf, all bins come with plastic dividers and are available in red. These are ideal for keeping all your stock organized.

Question: How many bins do I need to fit on my shelf?

Answer: See the below table

Shelf Width

120mm bins

240mm bins













Perforated End Panels

These give an excellent finish to your racking with the added bonus of it creates the ability to hook and hang components from it thus maximizing storage space. These are available in full length or ¾ length and available for 330mm or 430mm deep racking so remember to order the correct ones.

Cable reel holder

Keep all your cables tidy and accessible, this unit can be fitted independently on the bulkhead or even on the end of a 430mm deep racking


Vice Slide

This is usually mounted at the rear or side door and enables you to slide out the vice and perform those tricky cutting jobs, please note it does not come with a vice. These vices can be fitted so not to impact on storage space as shown below.


Please ensure PPE is worn and you are working in an area where it will not affect others to avoid any injury to you or others. Exercise caution if using power tools and only use as the power tool manufacturer recommends. If you do not own the vehicle please ensure the owner has agreed to the vehicle been modified. Ensure all the equipment is secure prior to moving the vehicle. It is important that the security of all fixings is checked periodically but we do recommend this is done every 2 months. Please exercise extreme caution when drilling the vehicle as Vantage Industries or any of its associated business's cannot be responsible for any damage or consequential damage. Please ensure the recommended fixing instructions are used.



If you would like a PDF Download of this guide please Click Here